The style

bartac creates graphic collections, combining strong, sophisticated pieces with models that are more restrained, minimalist and clean. bartac designs a structured silhouette that is very chic and refined yet urban.

Each material has its character, from the simplest to the most ornate, traditional weaves with 3D sculpturing, every care is brought to bear on revealing the potential and ambivalence of each. These materials are chosen with the greatest of care and the majority are weaved to order at the French workshops.

In black and white

The creation of feminine ready to wear articles evolves in the universe of contrasts between black and white where each item reinvents harmony between the opposites, that represent both the absence of colour and yet the sum of all.

The choice of black and white, the metaphors of alpha and omega, with the infinity of contrasts possible implies a totally different outlook and vision of seeing clothing and so emphasising the textures of the materials.


bartac's creation was born, at the beginning of the 21st Century, from the necessity of breaking the bonds from the trends imposed on couture and ready to wear. After having worked in various consultancies, the creator Bénédicte FAVIER accomplished her desire of creating collections according to her own inspirations.


Having taken note that the rhythm of fashion and the seasons often overlooked the fundamentals: quality, the cut, the materials and all that is so represented, from the start we decided to, on the contrary, value the components and the actual manufacture of our clothing.

Made in France

All models are entirely created and made in France and this proximity is primordial for the respect for our high quality standards that we take the time to oversee every step of the way through to the finished item of clothing.